When built-in and when surface-mounted speakers?

If there are false ceilings or false walls, flush-mounting speakers can easily be used. Otherwise, you go for surface-mounted speakers.

When is a build-in kit needed?

If you want to install built-in loudspeakers in fixed (stone) walls or fixed vaults (ceilings). Or if the spacein the false ceiling is larger than +/- 50 cm and the false ceiling can no longer be used as a sound box. Or if the room where the loudspeaker is to be installed is dirty.

How many speakers are needed in a room?

Usually one pair of speakers are enough for a normal size room. For larger rooms, two pairs can be provided. In smaller rooms one loudspeaker is sometimes more than sufficient. We have one-piece stereo speakers such as the HPRO550 or FL550.

When to use 100 volt speakers?

100 Volt is mainly used in commercial and professional buildings. Where larger rooms and longer cable distances between the loudspeakers have to be bridged. Also where music is listened to from morning to evening. 100 Volt is used for background music or micro calls. Applications include offices and office buildings, storage and production areas, supermarkets, schools, shopping streets...

Where should those speakers be placed? Can this be controlled with an Application on Smartphone or Tablet?

The position of the speakers is determined by the situation of the furniture, windows, TV... Here we can certainly advise on the basis of a plan. Artcore is operated by an APP on Smartphone or tablet. Classic amplifiers also usually have an APP.

What is the difference between stereo sound and surround sound?

Stereo is used for music experience. Surround 5.1 or other variants are mostly used to create movie effects.

Which speaker should I use for surround sound?

You can use lots of speakers. Detail is very important when it comes to surround sound. For inwall speakers, your best choice would be the HAPPI or INTIIMI series. If you are looking for onwall speakers, the SONAR series are best suited.

When is it recommended to use a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is used for low tones. This is interesting when smaller onwall or bookshelf speakers are used, these produce less low tones than big speakers.

Does ArtSound have products that are compatible with Bluetooth and/or Airplay?

At ArtSound we mainly have products with Bluetooth like our Hyde and our active inwall speakers. But also our R5BT and U6 radios have built-in Bluetooth.

Where can address myself for a demo or listening session?

We have an extensive dealer network. Check out our dealerlocator for a dealer in your vicinty where you can listen and buy our products.

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