Bizar Hair

Bizar Hair

Bizarre Hair. A separate name for a separate approach. Bizarre stands for individuality, creativity and quality. Personality is central to Bizar Hair. They do not follow trends, but create them. They go to work based on your personal style. You can not really call it a hairdresser. Bizarre Hair are stylists, and you notice that immediately. A warm welcome, a good conversation, a personal approach that is reflected in an integrated haircut.


The audio distribution is simple but efficient. An SVC4.2 from ArtSound divides the business into 4 zones. It is therefore essential to set the volume separately in different places in order to achieve the right atmosphere. With Bizar hair, they have an eye for style, which you immediately notice when you enter. What you do not immediately notice is where the full music comes from. 4 sets of FL501s are seamlessly integrated into the ceiling one by one. In addition, some grills were also painted over in black to be even more absorbed in the breath-taking scenery. They fill each zone with a full and clear sound that is typical of ArtSound.