Holiday home

Holiday home

What do you do if you want to provide your villa with the musical atmosphere you've always dreamt of? Then you call ArtSound of course. With us you will find a speaker for every situation, in every taste or color and for every interior. ArtSound is customized and affordable.


Both built-in and surface-mounted speakers were installed in various rooms in this beautiful holiday home. With their discreet design, they were beautifully integrated within this modern interior. This audio system can be controlled centrally via the iPads. This way there can be listened to other music in different rooms. Instant atmosphere!

On the basis of the aesthetics and the acoustics, the listening expectations were examined per room. Based on this, the Happi series was chosen in the kitchen, the Uni40 series in the living room and outside speakers known as the ASW's. Thanks to the advanced technology, there is always a powerful and warm sound surrounding.

A customized solution for the customer. ArtSound, a pure listening pleasure! 

Discover the pictures here of this residential project.

Rue de la mer 25
62179 Escalles

Projectdesign: Devy Vancauwenberghe