Un-seen sound

The Hyde, what’s in a name? This amplifier is so small and light that you can hide it wherever you want: in a false ceiling, behind the sofa, in the cupboard ... Not that you must, per se, because it looks smart and minimalistic anyway, but you may prefer to put other objects on display.

Nonetheless, the Hyde produces a strong and smooth sound, which it derives from the built-in radio, one of your Bluetooth devices or another source that is plugged into the analogue or digital input. Thanks to its unique identification several Hydes can blast in your home simultaneously without interfering with each other. No need to get up from your chair to control it with the remote, your tablet, smartphone or iPhone. And you don’t even have to aim in a specific direction. In short, despite its rather small design, the Hyde offers comfort and top quality. For all your favourite music.

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